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ORGANIZATIONS IN THE VILLAGE - There are three Associations that have separate parcels and responsibilities in Alpine Village; the Resort Map provides a visualization of the separation.  Alpine Village Resort Association (AVRA) and Alpine Village Townhome Association (AVTA) manage different chalet buildings.  The owner associations share the clubhouse and other common elements at the Alpine Village, and these features are managed by the Alpine Village Amenities Association (AVAA).  There is no master and sub association since AVRA, AVTA, and AVAA are each separate from the other.


ALPINE VILLAGE RESORT ASSOCIATION (AVRA) - Even though the Resort is classified as a condominium, the vast majority of the expenses are paid directly by the owners for their owner property.  The Resort Association has annual assessment fees primarily to pay towards the Resort Association's share of the Amenities Association budget.

ALPINE VILLAGE TOWNHOME ASSOCIATION (AVTA) - The Resort is separate and apart from the Alpine Village Townhomes and the townhome owners.  Townhome neighbors have no say in AVRA business, and the two neighborhood organizations only coordinate with each other over common elements in the Alpine Village amenities.  


ALPINE VILLAGE AMENITIES ASSOCIATION (AVAA) - The only other Association that the new Resort owners need to concern themselves with is the Alpine Village Amenities Association, as outlined in the AVAA declaration (B825 P326).  The Amenities only relate to the common elements of the Village (clubhouse, pool & pool side, roads, road sides, parking lot, and common utilities/water).  The Amenities Association has no other say in how the Resort owners run their HOA or how the Resort chalets look.  Two directors from each association (Resort and Townhomes) sit on the four person Amenities Board so there is equal representation on all common matters.



RESORT MANAGEMENT - The new owners of the chalets do not need to create a new managing body.  The reorganization of AVRA has already been recorded as the Second Amended and Restated Declaration of Condominium for Alpine Village Resort Association, Inc. (B884 P266).  The Resort is self-managed by its owners and the Declaration gives each chalet an equal vote in the Resort Association (Exhibit B).


BYLAWS - The members have been given the flexibility to update the AVRA Bylaws according to how they wish the new owners to work together to build community.  The members can decide if they want to record the Bylaws at Yancey County Register of Deeds; it is not required.  The members can use the previous AVRA Bylaws (B841 P681-694, Exhibit D) as a template; it needs adjustments to remove language relating to timeshares and any modifications the new owners want to make it their own.


RESORT GUIDELINES - The other document mentioned in the Declaration is the Resort Guidelines, outlining the architectural and landscaping guidelines of the Resort Property (Article IX, Section 1, c).  Resort Guidelines have not been published/activated and the current AVRA Board desires to give the new Resort community time to develop it fully as they see fit, after the members elect a new AVRA Board.



KEEP IN CONTACT – Owners must register their contact information (email & phone) with the Resort to maintain “members in good standing” status and participate in the management of the Association.  The Owner Contacts form can be used to easily provide this information online.

WELCOME LETTER – After new owners close on their resort property and send in their contact information, the Association will email a Welcome Letter from <> with helpful information about living at Alpine Village.

RESORT USE – The Resort shall be used solely for residential purposes.  Residential purposes shall include use of a chalet for secondary home or vacation use, as well as short-term leases or rentals in accordance with North Carolina law and the owner’s mortgage agreement.  Alpine Village Resort is registered with RCI #0621 and Interval International #AVT for owners who are members of those organizations and wish to register their chalet for exchanges.

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