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  • What are the driving directions to the resort?
    The office for Alpine Village Resort is located in Suite B of the clubhouse at 40 National Forest Dr, Ste B, Burnsville NC 28714 midway along Hwy 80 which runs between Marion & Micaville NC. Locate "Albert's Lodge at Mt. Mitchell" 2.3 miles north of the Blue Ridge Parkway, and head up South Toe River Rd. Just before the road changes to gravel, follow the sign for Alpine Village pointing across a steel bridge. Travel past the pond on your left and up the steep Sweet Water Rd to the very top, where you will find the Resort.
  • What are the amenities of the clubhouse?
    The Alpine Village clubhouse has a check-in office, two bathrooms for pool users, lending libraries, great room with wood fireplace, dining area, downstairs game room, and wood deck with mountain view. Outside amenities include a shuffle board, salt-water pool, and gas fire ring.
  • Is the clubhouse suitable for large gatherings or meetings?
    The Alpine Village clubhouse offers a great room (16 ft x 26 ft) and a dining room (18 ft x 28 ft) which allows occupancy for 60 people. Please contact our representatives to the Alpine Village Amenities Association to make arrangements for your specific needs.
  • How are internet services handled at Alpine Village?
    Country Cable was the internet service provider, but it seems they have been bought out by Zito Media recently (good thing). Zito Media seems to have pricing on their website <>. The two-story chalets have separate WiFi routers in the master bedrooms. One-story chalets have separate WiFi routers in the living rooms. Each chalet was already registered with an individual internet account with Country Cable. New owners will need to call Zito Media to reactivate the box with a new account in their own name.
  • How is power delivered to the chalet?
    Each pair of duplex chalets share a power meter. The power meter can be separated upon request from both chalet owners of the meter. The Association hopes the new neighbors can work together to share the cost of the request.
  • How is postal mail and large packages delivered to the chalet?
    Mount Mitchell Lands West manages the mailbox kiosk across from the lake. When larger boxes arrive, a key is placed in the smaller box for you to insert into one of the two big mailbox slots (far left) and receive the larger delivery. Most chalets do not have a kiosk mailbox assigned yet. After closing, if desired to have a mailbox assigned, owners need to speak with Julie <>. You will also need to speak with the USPS Burnsville Postmaster, Bart Deyton, about adding the address to the USA database and mail carrier route. The chalet address should already be registered with Yancey county Addressing Dept, Mark Thomas, because the Association registered each chalet a couple of years ago so they would have 911 service.
  • Are dogs or cats allowed?
    No non-domesticated animals, livestock or poultry of any kind is allowed in a Chalet or on a Lot. Owner is entirely responsible for the activities and actions of their pet, and shall repair at their expense any damage to Resort Property (Common Element or Owner Property) caused by their pet. The Association may establish and enforce additional rules pertaining to pets and legal service animals as part of the Bylaws and/or Rules and Regulations.
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